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Brand Selection varies per Location

Bellinger logo.png


Bellinger Eyewear always brings that extra flavor. Their frames stand out from the crowd with their unique shapes, eye-catching details, and explosive array of color combinations. When Bellinger designs, there is a feeling of raw energy, joy, excitement, and passion. This brand wants you to feel the same while looking your best in a Bellinger frame.

db4k logo.png

David Benjamin 4 kids

Wearing glasses should be fun! This brand makes cool frames for kids, getting the little ones excited to show off their personalities through their eyewear. DB4K's mission is to make glasses that kids want to wear.  

Entourage of 7 logo.png

Entourage of 7

From Bellinger House, Entourage of  7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and influenced by the city in which it originates. Born in the City of Angels, an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, this brand is courageously creative. Entourage of 7 aims to design beautiful spectacles for the rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach.  



Technologically advanced memory metal. Designed to stay in adjustment. More durable than other materials. Lightweight, comfortable and extensive selection of styles.

ic! berlin.png

ic! berlin

ic! berlin is headquarted in Berlin, Germany with offices in New York and Toyko. 180+ craftsmen in Berlin design and hand-make their original eyewear pieces, which are then sold in 60 countries. They combine the original, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials. The result is robust, lightweight eyewear design.



Infused with Parisian style and alluring sophistication, Longchamps’ eyewear collection stands out for its unique mix of exclusive textures, iconic details, and singularly feminine shapes. Longchamp sunglasses are demure, yet expressive; perfect for the artist in you.

Marchon logo.png

Marchon NYC

Marchon NYC Eyewear is inspired by diversity and inclusivity. They provide diverse styling, while using high quality materials that feel as if your eyewear was made for you. The designs range from classic rectangles to edgy cat-eyes, all offered at an affordable price point. There is truly something for everyone. Marchon NYC is the perfect choice for all genders, face shapes, and sizes. 

Nifties logo.png


The NIFTIES brand is aimed at faces with very delicate features and great style ambitions! They offer small frames with perfectly proportioned shapes in sophisticated styles. Harmonious and carefully constructed, this brand has vintage-inspired shapes and colours. Eyewear for everyone, and especially for you: that's the NIFTIES spirit. 


Prodesign Denmark

Founded in 1973, Prodesign denmark is devoted to creating high synergy between face and the optical frame. Their eyewear highlights the finest qualities of the face, with innovative frames, good details, and the best choice of materials.


Scott Harris

Whatever look you are feeling, be it edgy, refined, playful, or casual, Scott Harris eyewear will have it. Cutting edge fashion is combined with the highest quality materials to create this collection of frames.


Ted Baker

Ted Baker eyewear (a sub-brand of Tura Inc) is a quirky brand that features mixed styles of retro influences and contemporary fare. Considered a quintessentially British brand, Ted Baker eyeglass frames emphasize clean silhouettes and iconic details.

WOOW Logo.png

WOOW Eyewear

Taking a trip both back to the past and forward into the future, WOOW offers iconic and timeless styles in bio-acetates: conscious and biodegradable materials made mostly from renewable resources. Fresh and vibrant, WOOW's colour palette gives you a complete array of choice. Experience real life with your head held high: reinvent your style with a colorful and energetic WOOW design.


Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein brand is one of the most recognized brands in the world today.A trend-right collection of apparel and accessories for the modern and uniquely sophisticated individual.



Dutz Eyewear emerged in The Netherlands in 2005. They focus on the adventurous styles that their customers desire. Aiming to be different from the rest, the Dutz eyeglass frame collection provides a myriad of unique shapes, colors and patterns.



Erkers presents the epitome of class with eyewear being a family business since 1879. Through five generations of original ownership, Erkers knows fine eyewear. If you want to channel the spirit of St. Louis while knowing you are truly prepared for any endeavour, allow us to fit the perfect Erkers to frame to your world.

Geoffrey Beene logo.png

Geoffrey Beene

One of America's true design pioneers, Geoffrey Beene has become synonymous with impeccable styling and quality. Appealing to the fashion conscious consumer, the Geoffrey Beene eyewear collection unites Mr. Beene's playful, unconventional spirit with effortless, wearable designs for men and women. 

John Varvatos logo.png

John Varvatos

Rooted in Rock n' Roll, John Varvatos is an iconic men's designer brand that occupies a unique place in the landscape of American design. John Varvatos designs often draw inspiration from the past only to repurpose these ideas into something  entirely new. 


Liberty Sport

Durability and comfort lead the way in the Liberty Sports eyewear collection. For athletes seeking protective sports eyewear, Liberty Sports has thought of every detail you could want and implemented it into each of their frames.


Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and ophthalmic frames in the world! It all began in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a need for sunglasses that could eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the colours of the island scenery. Today, Maui Jim also produces stunning, high-quality ophthalmic frames.



Just do it.


OVVO Optics

OVVO Optics’ eyewear is 100% manufactured in family-owned plants in Europe, where each frame goes through 65-85 steps before it is complete. First, German engineered laser technology cuts the frames out from raw steel sheets imported from Sweden. Then, they pass through various stages of hand-manufacturing. With great precision and attention to detail, the frames are hand-polished, painted, decorated and assembled by a crew of 250 dedicated eyewear production experts. At each phase, they are inspected with care for highest quality assurance.

Skaga 2 logo.png


Skaga is the Marchon house-brand renowned for its Swedish traditional, authentic and genuine aesthetic and craftsmanship, with a history that began as early as 1948. The eyewear collection has a clean and elegant design that attracts the aware customer who wants to radiate a unique expression and strengthen their identity and personality.  Skaga eyewear's form, quality, and thoughtful details have a finish of elegant Scandinavian design with a contemporary expression. 


Tomato Glasses

Glasses for infants and toddlers, too! Made with flexible materials, these glasses are comfortable and safe for babies and kids. Tomato glasses are incredibly light and come with a standard head strap. Nose pads and arm lengths are completely adjustable so they’re snug yet comfy, no matter what. Give your baby the chance for great vision with glasses made just for them!

141 logo.png

141 Eyewear

With 141, your eyewear choice can immediately change someone's life. For every 141 Eyewear purchase, they give a new pair of glasses to a person in need. No portions of proceeds. No percentages. You buy, they give. 141.



As part of Columbia Sportswear, Columbia eyeglass frames have been specifically designed by outdoor enthusiasts and sporting professionals. A focus is placed on comfort, fit, and grip, while also maintaining durability and style.


Dragon Alliance

This performance eyewear line features cutting edge technology geared towards an active and youthful lifestyle. Dragon Alliance has developed innovative solutions for the athlete in all of us, including frames that will not sink in water and frameless snow goggles.


Ernest Hemmingway

A vintage inspired look full of tortoiseshell patterns, colourful crystal, and riveted designs. Choose from familiar shapes, like cat eyes, that nod to the glamour of the 1950s. The classic look is refurbished and appeals to today’s youthful culture who identify with the legendary Hemingway lifestyle.

Humphreys logo.png


Humphrey's eyewear offers multitalented frames that are scratch-resistant, resilient, and lightweight. As a brand, Humphrey's goal is to improve the quality of people's lives with every single product while minimizing its environmental impact by means of sustainable solutions. 



Lacoste frames feature relaxed elegance and unconventional chic style. Vibrant colors, striping, and texture comprise this iconic line of eyewear.

Lulu Guinness logo.png

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness' individual style and irresistible glamour is reflected in her eyewear collection. The brand features colorful interpretations of retro and cat eye shapes, exclusive patterned materials, and extended fits. Lulu Guinness eyewear is sophisticated yet daring, commercial but collectible, luxurious and affordable. 


Michael Ryen

Drawing inspiration from the growing market of male baby boomers needing*more generous sizes*, the line targets men looking for more choices in cutting-edge style without sacrificing comfort.



With history dating back to 1879, NW 77th - by Studio Optyx Eyewear - are a line of stylish frames made in St. Louis, MO. As the oldest eyewear company still run by descendants of the original family, Studio Optyx brings a new sense of fun and distinctive style to an establish and storied brand.


Salvatore Ferragamo

For those seeking something new, Ogi Eyewear never disappoints. Founded on the principle that everyone is always looking for something new, Ogi Eyewear continuously releases new or expanded eyewear collections. Purposeful use of color, finely crafted and affordable.

TC Charton logo.png

TC Charton

Alexandra Peng is the visionary designer and founder of TC CHARTON who states "My frames are actually named after the people that provided the inspiration." Originally formed to address the need for well-fitting, stylish eyewear for Asians, TC CHARTON has found a wider, multicultural audience thanks to the bespoke nature of her designs. Each frame is designed with certain features in mind. Whether you have higher cheekbones, a lower or higher nose bridge, or wider or narrower face shape: if fit has been a problem for you, then TC CHARTON Made to Fit Eyewear has the solution. 

TD logo 1.png

Tom Davies

Tom Davies founded his eyewear brand in 2002 after returning to London from Hong Kong, where he had been fed up with how standard eyewear fits were failing their wearers. Standardized facial features don't exist, so why should standardized sizing? Having designed bespoke frames for friends and family, he returned to London to launch a brand that builds on the made-to-measure principles of couture. In 2013, Davis premiered his now-signature tailor-made bespoke lens and frame fittings. 

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