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Full Color Vision is Within Reach with EnChroma

For individuals living with color blindness, living life in full color can seem like a dream. However, EnChroma glasses can give you the opportunity to turn that dream into reality.

Please note:  EnChroma is currently only available at our Magnolia Eye Care location.

Understanding Color Blindness

Our eyes detect colors using specialized cells called cones. Each cone is programmed to detect a specific color and relay that information to our brain. Color blindness (also called color deficiency) occurs in individuals who either have fewer functional cones than they should or who have cones that respond to more than one type of light. This causes their brains to interpret the two colors as being the same, leading to visual confusion.


The Science Behind EnChroma Technology

EnChroma lenses use a unique type of technology called “multi notch” filtering, which is designed to cut out specific wavelengths of light. This helps correct color blindness associated with cones that respond to more than one type of light (typically for red and green color deficiencies). Blocking out specific wavelengths eliminates the confusion that occurs by tricking the cones into responding to the different types of light differently, allowing the brain to interpret colors correctly.

Is EnChroma right for me?

EnChroma lenses are designed to eliminate or reduce red-green color blindness. 80% of individuals with this type of color vision deficiency who have tried EnChroma report that their glasses improved their perception of colors.

Though many individuals experience the benefits of EnChroma instantly, some people find that the change in their color vision is more subtle. For them, it may take a week or two before the benefits become noticeable. To determine if EnChroma might be right for you, we encourage you to take EnChroma’s free color blindness test. If the results favor EnChroma lenses, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our optometrists to discuss EnChroma.

EnChroma is a tool, not a cure. EnChroma lenses cannot cure color blindness and do not allow wearers to pass standardized color vision tests. There are many different types of color deficiencies, but EnChroma is only designed to treat red-green deficiency.

For more information about EnChroma, and to help determine if EnChroma might be right for you, please speak to one of our team members.

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