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You can’t plan for the unexpected. When you’re faced with an eye emergency, Visions of Washington is here to help. We do our best to accommodate emergency appointments.

If you have an eye emergency, contact us. We will help you however we can.

Emergency Eye Care

Symptoms of an Emergency

Your vision is much too valuable to risk. Seek immediate medical attention if:

  • An object is embedded in your eye

  • Your eye is very red or bloodshot

  • You experience sudden vision loss

  • You experience a sudden increase in floaters

  • You see flashes of light

  • You feel acute eye pain

  • You notice thick, sticky yellow or whitish discharge

  • You see black spots

  • Your eye is swollen or sealed shut with discharge

  • Your vision suddenly appears blurry

Emergency Eye First Aid

  • Punctual Plugs
    Your eyelids come equipped with drainage ducts in both the upper and lower lids. Punctal plugs are very small devices that are inserted into the drainage ducts, allowing your tears to stay on the eye’s surface longer. Read more about punctal plugs.
  • Medicated Eye Drops
    While over-the-counter eye drops (sometimes called artificial tears) can offer temporary relief from dry eye symptoms, medicated eye drops like Restasis are designed to provide a long-term solution. These drops stimulate your body’s natural tear production, increasing tear volume. Read more about Restasis.
  • Lacrisert
    Lacrisert is a very small tablet that’s placed under the lower eyelid of each eye, daily. The tablet slowly dissolves throughout the day, stabilizing your natural tear film and lubricating your eyes. This medication comes with an applicator to facilitate easier insertion. Read more about Lacrisert.
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