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Myopia Control Could Save Your Child From a Heavy Prescription

As kids get older, myopia or nearsightedness tends to get worse. Even if your child only needs a little bit of correction today, without intervention, they’ll most likely need a lot of correction by the time they reach adulthood.

Myopia control uses a variety of treatments to mitigate the progression of myopia. Most of these treatments are designed to help relieve eye strain, which may contribute to myopia advancement. While it does not cure myopia or prevent progression completely, it may slow the process down by as much as 50%.

Visions of Washington is happy to improve your child’s future through myopia control. Request an appointment to find out how myopia control could help your child.

Why Does Myopia Get Worse as Kids Get Older?

Myopia stems from the shape of the eye. When the eyeball is too long or the curvature of the cornea is too steep, it causes light to focus at a point just in front of the retina, rather than directly on the retina.

As your child grows, their eyes grow with them. As their eyes get progressively longer, the light focuses at a point further and further in front of their retina.

Methods of Myopia Control

  • Punctual Plugs
    Your eyelids come equipped with drainage ducts in both the upper and lower lids. Punctal plugs are very small devices that are inserted into the drainage ducts, allowing your tears to stay on the eye’s surface longer. Read more about punctal plugs.
  • Medicated Eye Drops
    While over-the-counter eye drops (sometimes called artificial tears) can offer temporary relief from dry eye symptoms, medicated eye drops like Restasis are designed to provide a long-term solution. These drops stimulate your body’s natural tear production, increasing tear volume. Read more about Restasis.
  • Lacrisert
    Lacrisert is a very small tablet that’s placed under the lower eyelid of each eye, daily. The tablet slowly dissolves throughout the day, stabilizing your natural tear film and lubricating your eyes. This medication comes with an applicator to facilitate easier insertion. Read more about Lacrisert.
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