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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

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Visions of Washington focuses on improving your quality of life by putting high importance on detecting, diagnosing, and treating eye issues. No matter which Visions of Washington location you visit, you’ll be met with compassionate care, experienced professionalism, and advanced technology.

Eye Exams Are the Key to Early Detection

Many eye diseases cause permanent vision loss. But a few of them don’t cause any noticeable symptoms until the vision loss becomes quite severe. The best way to catch eye diseases in their early stages is through regular eye exams.

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Common Eye Diseases & Issues

  • Punctual Plugs
    Your eyelids come equipped with drainage ducts in both the upper and lower lids. Punctal plugs are very small devices that are inserted into the drainage ducts, allowing your tears to stay on the eye’s surface longer. Read more about punctal plugs.
  • Medicated Eye Drops
    While over-the-counter eye drops (sometimes called artificial tears) can offer temporary relief from dry eye symptoms, medicated eye drops like Restasis are designed to provide a long-term solution. These drops stimulate your body’s natural tear production, increasing tear volume. Read more about Restasis.
  • Lacrisert
    Lacrisert is a very small tablet that’s placed under the lower eyelid of each eye, daily. The tablet slowly dissolves throughout the day, stabilizing your natural tear film and lubricating your eyes. This medication comes with an applicator to facilitate easier insertion. Read more about Lacrisert.
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